Academic Advising, Coaching, and Planning
School Consultation

Horizon Family Solutions academic advising, coaching and planning school consultation services are geared for families with students who are interested in the boarding school / independent school process.

We coach and empower students as they make important decisions about their academic profile, course selections, summer plans, their resume of activities, and enrichment GAP Year opportunities to strengthen their profiles.

These services are offered on a comprehensive yearly plan or on an hourly basis and are tailored to the specific needs of the family and the student.

Please connect immediately by calling 720-446-0188.

Our services include, and are not limited to: 

  • Family and student interview and assessment

  • Family support and advising

  • Profile development

  • Research and list creation

  • Narrow Your List. Do you want a co-ed or single sex school? Do you want a large or small school? Do you want a military school? Do you want a religious based school? Does your student have special interests such as art, dance, engineering, finances, health, math, sports? Does you student have any special needs?

  • Interview scheduling and follow-up

  • Visit and Interview. Coaching

  • Admissions Testing. Most schools use the SSAT and/or the ISEE which are standardized admissions tests. There may also be an essay and a few other bits of writing which you and your child may have to do.

  • Apply and Pay. Most schools have online applications which simplify the process. Some schools use a common application form.

  • Family coaching

Horizon Family Solutions works worth elementary, middle and high school students to identify, prepare for, and gain admission to independent schools.

We advocate for each and every student an we are committed to thoughtfully helping students find the best educational fit.

Through the educational consulting process Horizon Family Solutions educational consultants will help you evaluate the following in a school:

  • Academics
  • College Enrollment Statistics
  • Discipline Styles
  • Graduation Statistics
  • School Setting
  • School Size
  • Teaching Styles

Horizon Family Solutions offers comprehensive packages for families seeking independent school admissions guidance.

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