Case Management / Services Coordination for Children, Teens and Young Adults

Case management/services coordination provides goal-oriented and individualized support focusing on improved self-sufficiency for our clients served through advocacy, assessment, coordination, linkage, planning, and monitoring activities.

Individuals with learning differences, processing challenges, and/or special school needs, frequently require a range of services from several different professionals. Families / parents may not have the connections to coordinate these intensive services.

Parents need to be free to focus on accepting, helping, loving, nurturing, and supporting their children and not taking on the job as their case managers.

Horizon Family Solutions provides this crucial case management / service coordination, ensuring there is clear and documented communication between the family and all of the professionals who are assisting each of our clients. Horizon Family Solutions also takes on the very important role of liaison with the program and/or school that each of our clients attend. In order to comprehensively serve each client, Horizon Family Solutions professionals meet regularly as a team to compare findings and review progress.

The need for case management / service coordination continues to be an important factor in our client outcomes. Coordinating case management services between multiple providers is critical to our clients’ well-being. Case management / service coordination is often included as part of the our clients’ strategy for a beneficial outcome.

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