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Deciding which college prep boarding school or junior boarding school is the best choice may be one of the most important decisions families and young people can make. The effect of this decision is undoubtedly life changing. 

Families and young people may often feel overwhelmed in the decision making process.  We can assist families and young people in all steps of the decision making process from initial selection, fine tuning the list, and assisting the student achieve their academic goals. There are several different types of boarding schools and junior boarding schools. 

College preparatory boarding schools’ primary goal is to prepare students for the academic rigors of college life. 

Depending on the school, college-prep boarding schools may also have programs to accommodate students with ADD/ADHD, Executive Functioning, Non-Verbal and other types of learning disorders.

Within college-preparatory boarding schools, there are additional distinctions between schools:

  • All-boys or all-girls boarding schools – while fewer in number, there are a number of single-sex boarding schools in the USA.

  • Military schools – these boarding schools also prepare students for college-life, with the addition of military-type discipline and structure.

  • Pre-professional arts schools – these schools specialize in helping students train and become artists in a variety of fields such as ballet, creative writing, music, visual arts, and theater. Students are prepared for entrance into either traditional colleges or specialty schools like music conservatories (e.g., Juilliard).

  • Religious boarding schools – these schools have an emphasis on a particular religion and spiritual growth.

There are approximately 310 college preparatory boarding schools in the United States and about 20 college-preparatory boarding schools in Canada.

There are a small number of boarding schools in China, Czech Republic, Francs, Italy, New Zealand, South Korea, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Junior boarding schools offer boarding opportunities for students grades 8 or lower. Some boarding schools focus exclusively on the junior boarding experience (and offer only junior boarding grades), while other schools offer both junior and college-prep boarding grades

There are approximately 120 junior boarding schools located throughout the United States and Canada.

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