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A clinical situation or out of control child, adolescent, teen or young adult can create a crisis for the entire family, and makes it difficult for parents to know where to turn.

Anxious, fearful, frustrated, and struggling parents need emotional support, a helping hand and immediate guidance in order to make safe and sound decisions to ensure their child’s / young adult’s safety.

Horizon Family Solutions specializes in helping families in crisis.

Frequently within 24 hours, and once on contract for crisis intention services, we can offer fast and immediate options that are a good fit for families based on their individual specific needs, including:

  • Alcohol / drug use intervention

  • Concerning and unknown peer relationships

  • Illegal activities

  • Internet gambling, video gaming, virtual reality, social media addiction

  • Pornography addiction intervention

  • Running away

  • School failure / school refusal intervention

  • Self-harm intervention

  • Sexual acting out intervention

Our short-term crisis intervention options range from therapeutic outdoor wilderness programs, chemical dependency facilities, residential treatment centers, short-term hospital assessment programs to therapeutic treatment centers for Internet addictions.

Horizon Family Solutions can work with families even when they are already seeing a doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, school counselor, or therapist.

We can assist with options and intervention programs that other professionals have not evaluated, seen and visited first hand.

The priority of crisis intervention is to increase stabilization. Crisis interventions occur at the spur of the moment and in a variety of settings, as trauma can arise instantaneously. Crises are temporary, usually with short span, no longer than a month, although the effects may become long-lasting.

Should the person be in current and direct danger, your first step will always be guiding them to safety – please call 9-1-1 when needed.

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