Ethical Guidelines for the Profession of Educational Consulting

FamilyHorizon Family Solutions follows a best in class strict set of ethical guidelines that govern the actions of our relationships with clients, families, programs, schools, service providers, and students.

These include a responsibility to understand each family’s and student’s special needs in the educational and at times clinical / therapeutic planning process.

We do not accept any compensation from educational institutions for the placement of a child or young adult.

We continually update our knowledge of clinical, educational, family, hospital, options through such activities as attendance at professional learning conferences, continuing education, and site evaluation / visits of programs and schools across the United States and Internationally.

We treat all families with compassion, decency, dedication to service, decency and respect with sensitivity to their special strengths, needs, and values. 

Our primary obligation and service is to assess a family’s and student’s needs, make recommendations for, and represent each student accurately and fairly.

During the placement process, with appropriate written consent, we may communicate with other professionals, including School/Program admissions personnel, academic and clinical staff, and the student’s parents/ guardians. We maintain dependable confidentiality of records, notes and client information and disclose confidential information only with written consent and on a need-to-know basis.

We use BestNotes for safely and securely sharing our clients academic, clinical, family and health information.

Last updated 04/09/2020