In-Home Assistance

It always helps to know that you are not alone



Our clients frequently come to us before or after completion of a residential treatment center stay, a wilderness program, or some other short term or long term treatment.

Even a “perfect child” can be a challenge. For children, adolescents, teens and young adults who have suffered challenges or trauma, additional support before and after after treatment can be beneficial. Perhaps you have worked with all the local services you know about, and have had little improvement.

At this time you may be considering residential placement, wilderness placement or a young adult transitional living situation. Families in such situations can benefit from a call to ensure all local options have been reached.

Horizon Family Solutions has long term relationships with at-home programs in various areas across the United States.

These options can often support a family in their home with intensive targeted support. They all offer packages of varying intensity so that parents can choose the right option for their family.

As your first point of contact we offer the service of getting to know your family, what your current needs may be, where you have reached out for support previously, and what your current needs may be. We will help you evaluate what options may be available in your area.

Most of these at-home services take place in the home of your family. As experts we become a part of your treatment team to support your family.

These programs meet families where they are developmentally, and address concerns and issues, while providing you, the parents, the tools you need to develop and strengthen the relationship you have with your child, adolescent, teen or young adult.

Sometimes, it’s the things parents can’t control in relation to their child or young adult that can be the scariest.

Perhaps your child, adolescent, teen or young adult is transitioning home from a residential boarding school or wilderness program.

Having after care in-home support is invaluable. This may be a coach / mentor or a full wrap-around team. We can help you decide what may be most beneficial for continued support and what opportunities may be available in your area. 

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