International Educational and Therapeutic Consultants

Our Services for Transforming Lives Through Expert Educational / Therapeutic Guidance and Innovative Solutions

For Families and Their Students from Around the World 

  • Boarding Schools
    • Boarding School Admissions into US schools for International Students
    • Students with special needs
  • Specialized Learning Differences
    • Struggling children
    • Struggling learners
  • Therapeutic Consulting for Struggling Adolescents, Teens and Young Adults
    • Alternatives for struggling adolescents and teens
    • Alternatives for struggling young adults

Horizon Family Solutions was founded 2001 in order to fill an important need – for families to have a place where they can get expert comprehensive educational and therapeutic consulting and planning for effective outcomes and solutions. We have seen again and again how the best fitting program or school can make all the difference for a child, adolescent, teen or young adult, and we work to fill that important need. Our families come from across the United States as well as around the world and Horizon Family Solutions has finely tuned their ability to work with parents and students no matter where they are or what their specific and unique needs may be.


I just want to make the point of thanking you formally for all the great work that you did with daughter this last year. It was wonderful and so reassuring to know that you were there with her throughout the whole process. I know she is very happy for what you did with her.

Lori and Steve Curell, Daughter 17, Canada, 2008