The Horizon Family Solutions Difference in Program Placements

Our educational / therapeutic consultants are respected by admissions directors, clinical professionals, educators, executive directors, and family and parent coaches, just as much as we are by the families that we serve when assisting with long-term and short-term program placements.

Identifying Solutions

There are over 500 hundred academic type schools, college prep boarding schools, special needs schools, and outdoor programs across the United States.

Understanding the rapidly expanding continuum of services when searching, you may encounter unfamiliar terminology such as alternative schools, adoption/attachment, aftercare transition, boot camps, character development, college-prep, emotional growth, faith based, military style schools, pre-teen programs, young adult transitional living situations, residential treatment program, therapeutic boarding schools, adventure wilderness program, and therapeutic wilderness programs, Quite often, families are looking for help during a crisis and do not have the luxury of time to search out programs all across the Internet. That also is mot always the best use of your time and when in crisis, important information may be missed by you when researching.

Then, creating time to go visit and evaluate each program is almost impossible. We know first hand how difficult this can be.

Horizon Family Solutions helps families find their way with compassion and empathy for your situation. We help you understand and evaluate options in order to come to a decision about a program or school, and needed steps for your current situation. Believing in a team approach to problem solving, we work collaboratively with other professionals involved with your family, including counselors, doctors, health care professionals, lawyers, psychologists, psychiatrists, and school personnel.

Your child, adolescent, teen or young adult will be invited to be part of the decision-making process when the current situation allows for appropriate and safe contact.

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Our Process

We start by getting to know you and your daughter, son, grandchild, niece, nephew. We understand that families are not just the traditional dad, mom and child any longer.

  • Are they a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), an Extravert or an Introvert? Are they a detailed person or a big-picture thinker?

  • Are the a follower or a leader? Both are equally important.

  • Do they primarily assess situations using emotion, logic, or a combination of the two?

  • Are there other important considerations about this child, adolescent, teen or young adult that is important in the decision making process?

These attributes are among the qualities that affect how a person functions in all aspects of life and makes a difference in the placement process.

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