Therapeutic Consultation


Horizon Family Solutions provides therapeutic consultation to clients who seek direction and information for their child’s or young adult’s academic, behavioral, clinical, emotional, psychological, and/or psychiatric well-being. Our advocates and educational consultants collaborate directly with you, the family, and other professionals, as needed, to determine the needs of each individual child or young adult we are assisting.

Once criteria for what may be needed has been established through our initial assessment, our advocates and educational consultants will identify appropriate and best suited academic placements, clinical needs, family needs, interventions or residential treatment options that specifically address your areas of concern.

These options may include:

  • Academic schools with supportive services

  • Addiction treatment programs

  • Adoption / attachment residential treatment

  • Assessments and comprehensive evaluations

  • College Prep boarding schools with additional support services

  • Eating Disorder programs

  • Faith based programs and schools

  • Local outpatient services

  • Military schools

  • Pre-Teen programs and schools

  • Psychiatric hospitals for clinically based needs

  • Residential treatment centers

  • Spectrum Disorder programs and schools

  • Summer only program and schools

  • Technology addiction programs

  • Therapeutic boarding schools

  • Wilderness therapeutic programs

  • Young adult independent living programs

Horizon Family Solutions’ advocates and educational / therapeutic consultants guide our clients to the most appropriate and best fitting option, and empowers them with  a safe direction and information in which to make decisions. The client is always ultimately responsible for choosing the option that is the best fit for their family – with continual supportive consultation and guidance from our group of concerned and dedicated professionals. Once a family makes an informed decision, our advocates and educational consultants provide ongoing confidential case management, monitoring all academic and therapeutic progress. Additional recommendations for other continued care or testing are made whenever necessary.

Horizon Family Solutions’ educational consultants visit all programs and schools recommended to their clients on a regular basis – which ensures that we maintain a solid understanding of current academic achievements, clinical offerings, current student and staff populations, family support services, financial stability of the program and/or school, current licensing checks, medical facility support, program/school special features, recreational offerings, and staff credentials.


Our advocates and educational consultants do not accept or receive referral fees or any compensation from programs or schools for recommending enrollment.