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Please know in the midst of the unprecedented COVID-19 health crisis there is assistance available for you and your loved ones.

For families who are struggling with an adolescent or young adult who may be in need of addiction treatment, clinical, residential, or therapeutic help – college prep boarding school enrollment – wilderness therapy placement – or other treatment options – we are here to assist.

A-List programs and treatment centers that are clinically sophisticated, effective, and safe are still accepting new enrollments and have protocols in place for minimizing risk and keeping current and new clients/students safe and well cared for.

Wilderness therapy programs may actually be one of the safest places for adolescents and young adults during this time. As a leader in the field, the commitment is to keep families up to date on programs and schools across the country. Please call today for more information.

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Committed for over 20 years to positively transforming the lives of children, adolescents, teens, young adults and older adults.

The sole focus of Dr. Frances is to find the best fit, most appropriate option, and safest environment for children, adolescents, teens, young adults and older adults whose needs have not been able to be met locally. Dr. Frances helps families navigate the confusing maze of programs and schools.

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There is no affiliation with any program or school and no commissions are accepted. Our focus is on you and your family. 

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“Doré was so approachable and compassionate to our child’s immediate needs. She helped us navigate through what seemed to be a dark and scary situation. She kept us present with what was needed for our child while also being compassionate and dependable to what work we had to do as parents along the way. She is intuitive in ways we have never experienced with anyone in the education system. We are so sincerely grateful.” ~ Erin and Jared Hale, son 14, Texas, 2017

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We take a Holistic and Whole Family Supportive Approach while obtaining a detailed understanding of your child’s, young adult’s and family’s needs

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